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WJ Mouat School Code of Conduct

WJM Secondary School Code of Conduct
In addition to adherence to the District Code of Conduct, students are expected to adhere to the rules for WJM Secondary listed below.  Contravention of the school rules will result in an escalating set of consequences and/or interventions that may include community service, detentions, revocation of privileges, mediations, counselling, parent conferences, behaviour contracts, and in-school or out of school suspensions.  The age and maturity of a student will be considered when consequences are applied. In order to facilitate a safe and secure campus, school officials may have a responsibility to notify other members of the school community or members of community agencies in the event of a serious breach of the code of conduct.

Our goal is to provide a safe, caring and orderly environment where staff and students can work and learn effectively.
1.  Because we value respect, fairness and compassion, students are expected to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner free of bullying and all forms of harassment including sexual harassment.  Students will refrain from any behaviour that discriminates against others on the basis of gender, race, religion or sexual orientation.

2.  Because we value respect, safety and self-control, students will refrain from any physical violence including fighting.  Watching and/or filming a fight is considered to be promoting violence and is against school rules and policy.

3.   Because we value honesty, courage and taking responsibility, students are expected to be forthcoming with information that will assist school staff in addressing behaviour that threatens individuals, disrupts the school or endangers school staff or students.  Students who threaten those who have given information or lodged a complaint may be suspended from school attendance.

4.  Because we value respect and self-control, students are expected to conduct themselves as exemplary citizens both at school and in the community.  Conduct by any student off school property or in the community that adversely affects the school shall be considered a breach of code of conduct.  In addition, the school code of conduct remains in effect for all school activities and events such as field trips, sports travel, dances and sports events.

5.  Because we value safety, respect and taking responsibility, students must follow safe driving practices on and near the campus; in addition, they must adhere to restrictions in accordance with their “L” or “N” designation.  Driving infractions may result in revocation of parking privileges and/or suspension.

6. Because we value health and wellness, in accordance with provincial government policy, the W.J. Mouat campus is a tobacco free area.  No smoking is permitted at any time.  Students who smoke on or within sight of school property shall be considered in breach of the District Code of Conduct.

7. Because we value respect and safety, students are expected to adhere to all safety rules posted in high-risk areas such as shops, science or food labs and the gymnasium.  Students may be photographed and/or video taped for safety reasons.  Students may not bring laser pointers to school, nor may they bring props or costumes that may appear to be threatening or dangerous.

8. Because we value diligence, respect and courtesy, students are expected to attend all assigned classes, to be on time, and to be prepared to engage in the task of learning, unless they are excused due to illness or family emergency.  ALL EXCUSED ABSENCES REQUIRE A PARENT PHONE CALL TO THE OFFICE the morning of the absence or a note on the day of the student’s return.  Students must seek parent permission and sign out in the office if they need to leave the campus during the school day. Students arriving late (more than half an hour) for school are expected to sign in at the office to get a “late slip” to give their teacher.

9.   Because we value diligence, respect and courtesy, as per district policy, schools “cannot give permission for students to be away from class for reasons other than illness or family emergency”; if parents believe it is essential for students to be absent for other reasons and remove them from school, then the “consequences must be borne by the student.”  These consequences may include a poor mark or failure in a course.  Parents are encouraged to plan vacations during the holidays designated on the school calendar.  Teachers may be willing to provide assignments to students who are absent for extended periods, but they are not obligated to do so. 

10.  Because we value diligence, respect and fairness, all students are expected to write Semester End Exams during the scheduled times.  Students who miss district or provincial exams for reasons other than illness or family emergency may be assigned an exam mark of zero, or may be required to postpone writing until the next exam sitting.

11.  Because we value respect and courtesy, students are expected to wear clothing appropriate to the school setting.  Clothing that promotes drugs, alcohol, sex or inappropriate behaviour, that states or implies crude or inappropriate language, or that is inappropriately revealing, is unacceptable.  (See W.J. Mouat Dress Code)

12.  Because we value fairness, respect and honesty, students are responsible for the return of all textbooks and curricular materials assigned to them.  All losses and damages incurred are the responsibility of the student.

13.  Because we value respect, safety and taking responsibility, students are expected to stay away from any areas deemed out of bounds by the administration.

14.   Because we value diligence, safety and respect, our campus is “closed” to visitors.   WJM students may not invite guests to loiter on the campus or visit classes.  Student visitors are welcome only when they are attending specific events sponsored by school staff or administration. All persons arriving at the campus for appointments or inquiries are expected to report to the main office.

15.  Because we value courtesy, respect and self-control, students are expected to use E-mail and the Internet appropriately.  Students must not post messages, comments, or images which are threatening, or which damage the reputation of our students, our staff or our school.

16.  Because we value honesty and diligence, students are expected to avoid cheating and/or plagiarism.  Academic dishonesty may result in consequences ranging from forfeiture of assignment or exam credit to suspension from school attendance.  Repeat offenders may be suspended and/or taken to a Board of Review. Academic dishonesty may negatively impact a student’s ability to apply for and receive scholarships and bursaries.

17.  Respectful and courteous use of cell phones and other technology is expected of all students.  Innappropriate use may result in the confiscation of your cell phone by a teacher or administrator.  Teachers are free to set their own classroom cell phone rules, which must be followed by each student in the class.