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School Staff

Meet the Staff


Name Position Email
David de Wit Principal david.dewit [at]
Jennie Bell Vice Principal (A - K) jennifer.bell [at]
Stan Wiebe Vice-Principal (L-Z) stan.wiebe [at]


Name Position Email
Susannah White Art susannah.white [at]
Jordan Turner Art/Photography jordan.turner [at]
Nimmy Sidhu Business Education nimmy.sidhu [at]
Sarah Sommer Career Planning sarah.sommer [at]
Mark Thiessen Career Planning mark.thiessen [at]
Paul Gill Career Programs paul.gill [at]
Teagan Gibson Drama teagan.gibson [at]
Christina Brown ELL christina.brown [at]
Andrew Lawrence English andrew.lawrence [at]
Carissa Monds English carissa.monds [at]
Rachel Oppelt English rachel.oppelt [at]
Margaret Poss English margaret.poss [at]
Sheena Powell English sheena.powell [at]
Rebecca Taylor English rebecca.taylor [at]
Stuart Turner English stuart.turner [at]
Tracy Finch English Language Learning (ELL) tracy.finch [at]
Brian Billo Fine Arts brian.billo [at]
Colin Jenks Foods colin.jenks [at]
Adrienne LeClerc Foods & Textiles [at]
Nancy Castonguay French Immersion nancy.castonguay [at]
Courtney Coleman French Immersion courtney.coleman [at]
Babinee Malloo French Immersion babinee.malloo [at]
Johanne Sauve French Immersion johanne.sauve [at]
Kevin Duliba Law / Psychology kevin.duliba [at]
Michelle Bakker Learning Support Services michelle.bakker [at]
Michele Britton Learning Support Services michele.britton [at]
Pam Clever Learning Support Services pam.clever [at]
Chris Hague Learning Support Services chris.hague [at]
Janelle Traber Learning Support Services janelle.traber [at]
Ranbir Mangat Library Learning Commons & Peer Tutoring ranbir.mangat [at]
Mike Bidal Math mike.bidal [at]
Karen Bowater Math karen.bowater [at]
Lewis Carroll Math lewis.carroll [at]
Parm Jaswal Math parmjit.jaswal [at]
Paula Sidhu Math paula.sidhu [at]
Sebastian Gibson Math, Science sebastian.gibson [at]
Mario Magon Math/Science mario.magon [at]
Andrew Matty Math/Science andrew.matty [at]
Ian Newton Math/Science ian.newton [at]
Oreste Rimaldi Math/Science oreste.rimaldi [at]
Megan Bocker Media Design megan.bocker [at]
Linda Darling-Martin Modern Languages linda.darling-martin [at]
Tanis Grozell Modern Languages tanis.grozell [at]
Irmgard Koloska Modern Languages irmgard.koloska [at]
Charlene Storozuk Modern Languages charlene.storozuk [at]
Janet Wade Music janet.wade [at]
Andrew Harder Physical Education andrew.harder [at]
Chad Radons Physical Education chad.radons [at]
Gina Vanderheide Physical Education gina.vanderheide [at]
Mark Loewen Physical Education/English mark.loewen [at]
Jon Rahe Physical Education/English jon.rahe [at]
Teresa Homoncik Science teresa.homoncik [at]
Jacky Kim Science [at]
Oliver Kurzak Science oliver.kurzak [at]
Joel McCall Science joel.mccall [at]
Jennifer Nera Science jennifer.nera [at]
Jules Pryma Science jules.pryma [at]
Angela Booy Social Studies angela.booy [at]
Carissa Esau Social Studies carissa.esau [at]
Dustin Hemminger Social Studies dustin.hemminger [at]
Ryan Porth Social Studies ryan.porth [at]
Mike Enns Social Studies - LAW 12 mike.enns [at]
Mike Perry Social Studies/PE mike.perry [at]
Janelle Dick Teacher for Indigenous Success janelle.dick [at]
Pat Beck Technology patricia.beck [at]
Richard Johnson Technology richard.johnson [at]
Dave Liversidge Technology dave.liversidge [at]
Jason Skelton Technology jason.skelton [at]


Name Position Email
Cameron Smith A-Gh cameron.smith [at]
Ruth Merrick Gi to N ruth.merrick [at]
Michelle Nyberg O-Z michelle.nyberg [at]

Support Staff:

Name Position Phone Email
Meagan Chambers Admin Clerk/Reception meagan.chambers [at]
Linda Horacsek Administrative Assistant - Finance Clerk linda.horacsek [at]
Jen Muzyka Administrative Assistant - Office Supervisor Ext. 4132 jen.muzyka [at]
Tammy Hamstra Administrative Assistant - Student Information Systems Analyst Ext. 4126 tammy.hamstra [at]
Margita Bergen EA margita.bergen [at]
Surb Brar EA surbjit.brar [at]
Denise Connolly EA denise.connolly [at]
Velma Dhillon EA velma.dhillon [at]
Harpreet Grover EA Harpreet.Grover [at]
Denise Hardman EA denise.hardman [at]
Roberta Johnson EA roberta.johnson [at]
Ednah Kambuni EA Ednah.Kambuni [at]
Beverley Krahn EA beverley.krahn [at]
Merrilee Mairs EA Merrilee.Mairs [at]
Tracey Manji EA tracey.manji [at]
Carmen Mitchell EA carmen.mitchell [at]
Nicole Pichler EA Nicole.Pichler [at]
Kelly Visser EA kelly.visser [at]
Liberty Watts EA liberty.watts [at]
Astri Solgaard EA - Career Centre astri.solgaard [at]
Karen Esau EA - ELL karen.esau [at]
Cristie Hill EA - Monday/Wednesdays Only cristie.hill [at]
Noel Sulpico Head Custodian noel.sulpico [at]
Anna Ratzlaff Indigenous Support Worker anna.ratzlaff [at]
Yoriko Davidson International Assistant yoriko.davidson [at]
Rebecca Lin International Assistant rebecca.lin [at]
Stella Yoon International Assistant stella.yoon [at]
Vanessa Paternoster Youth Care Worker - Compass Program vanessa.paternoster [at]
Hayley Davey Youth Care Worker - Drug & Alcohol hayley.davey [at]