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Black History Month at Mouat

In Honour of Black History Month...

This year marks the first year that we as an entire school population will be recognizing, reflecting, learning and celebration the history and contributions of Black Canadians.  Each week a small but dedicated group of students will develop and share resources with teaching staff who will let view and post this information in their face to face and virtual classrooms.  This is but a small step to begin our journey in developing a more inclusive school environment that celebrates our diversity and gives voice to those who continue to suffer the injustices of racism and inequality.  

Check back here each week to see what our students have been working on.

This week's learning by Jazzi Ashton: WHY Black History Month?   BLACK HISTORY MONTH - Week 1.pdf  - This includes a short 6 minute video.

Current until: Friday, March 12th, 2021
Posted: Monday, February 8th, 2021