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Tutorial Sessions for the 2022-23

Based on the feedback from parents, staff, and students, we have brought back an opportunity for additional learning time for students.  On Fridays, except SLO Fridays, our entire school staff will be opening their doors for tutorial sessions.  During the week leading up to tutorial sessions, staff will talk to students who have missing or incomplete, need additional time for assessment, or small group support.  These students, once requested by their teacher, MUST attend their assigned tutorial session on Friday mornings from 8:10 to 9:24.   Students who have not been requested by a teacher have the option of attending any one of their four teachers' session or other opportunties that will be available during this time. Tutorial sessions are assigned at each teacher's discretion and can be used for academic purposes, disciplinary purposes, for challenge or extending a students' learning or for extra-curricular enjoyment.  Student's priority is first to attend their academic requests, then to attend their disciplinary requests, and lastly to extracurricular enjoyment.

If a student does not attend their tutorial session, their Vice Principal will be following up as an additional intervention and/or disciplinary measure.  

Students not requested by their teacher, can join one of their four teachers for challenge or extending learning opportunities or for extra-curricular opportunties or enjoy a later start, arriving at school for the 9:24am warning bell.

Please check the school calendar on our website for tutorial dates.

Friday's Bell Schedule

SLO or Tutorial - 8:10 to 9:24am

Warning Bell - 9:24am

First Block - 9:30 to 10:30am

Second Block - 10:36 to 11:36am

Lunch - 11:36 to 12:16pm

Third Block - 12:22 to 1:22pm

Forth Block - 1:28 to 2:28pm

Current until: Monday, October 31st, 2022
Posted: Thursday, September 15th, 2022