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Blog: Friday, March 16th, 2018

ELL at W.J. Mouat

Mouat has always had a strong ELL program, but with the addition of Tracy Finch and a year later, Ravi Gill, this dynamic duo has brought our program to new heights. Both bring experience, energy and passion to their work with ELL students and are a tremendous support to other departments within the school.

Tracy, a former middle school teacher, took advantage of the opportunity to make a career change two years ago, and applied for a vacancy at Mouat. From the moment she walked into the interview, it was clear she was the person to lead our ELL department. Tracy is an advocate for kids and has worked tirelessly with our teachers to support them in the classroom.

At the beginning of this year Ravi Gill joined the team, leaving Dasmesh to come to Mouat. Ravi has a heart for ELL students - and all students - and has been a great addition to the team. Ravi is rarely seen without a smile on her face, she has quickly won over the trust of her students and has fit effortlessly in-step with Tracy. 

Supporting Tracy and Ravi is Karen Esau, an Educational Assistant in the ELL program. Together, this team is creating an exciting program at Mouat that puts kids first and supports teachers in the classroom. 

Aeysha Akkad, a 2017 Mouat graduate is an example of the impact Tracy and Ravi are having for our ELL students. Aeysha arrived in Canada as a Syrian refugee one year and a half ago with very little English. Her determination and hard work resulted in her passing Calculus and Chemistry 12 and graduating at the end of June. She is a true example of what is possible when determination meets opportunity. And what can be accomplished when the teachers in your life come alongside you to support your dreams

Principal, W.J. Mouat Secondary School