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Blog: Thursday, October 5th, 2017

A New Career in Career Programs

Career Programs in Abbotsford are second to none in the province. It is a vibrant and exciting place for me to start my next chapter of my career in education. After 13 years in administration I am fortunate to be surrounded by such dedicated and hardworking colleagues who are all committed to making high school career programs a top priority within Abbotsford’s schools. I am most fortunate to be mentored and coached by Mrs. Patti Tebbutt - her intimate knowledge of all of the 15 career programs is astounding! This includes the historical perspectives on program development, but more importantly her positive and professional relationships with the career and industry community in BC. Patti is well respected around the province for her years of contributory service within the province in promoting careers to young adults.

As I enter into this new career in careers, I felt it important to learn what it is like to be a student entering into a career program during the last years in high school. As the incoming District Principal of Career Programs, I plan to experience a day in the life of a student who has chosen to enroll in one of the Abbotsford Career Programs. I have arranged to tour “15 Programs in 15 Days” so I can walk a mile in a student’s shoes. This will give me the opportunity to learn from the students at the grass roots level while asking these students program specific questions. This will allow to more easily speak to each program at future information sessions and provide accurate information to both parent and student groups interested in making a choice in a career program.

Careers Program Highlights:

  • MyBlueprint: This program is sweeping the valley and had been successfully integrated from elementary to High school. Training session and professional development has recently been offered at the September Middle School Conference as well as at Prince Charles Elementary. Coordinated by Jennifer Benatto, Career Programs Helping Teacher, and facilitated by MyBlueprint Lead trainer… Teacher and student sign–up is growing exponentially.
  • Nicole Woodward from Aberdeen will be presenting how she has implemented the “All About Me” portfolio portion of MyBlueprint in her classroom at the Career Education Society annual conference.

Potential New Program offerings:

  • CSW: Community Service Worker. Dual credit UFV career program soon to be offered to Abbotsford students’. Students will gain credit towards certification as an Educational Assistant. Program start in September 2018. Applications to start in early spring along with other career program applications.
  • Palo Alto Cyber Security Certification Course. Recently a group of educators for Abbotsford have joined 4 other school districts in BC to consider offering this certification courses to high school students. Currently looking for Interested educators who have passion as well as a computer science and programing/coding experience to become certified as a Cyber Security teacher for these course. Interested teachers can contact

Upcoming events:

  • Parents as Career Coaches: October 26th; 6-9pm. Abby Senior
  • Take Your Kids to Work Day: November 1st.

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