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Capstone Presentation Day

In our final few weeks before the grade 12 Capstone presentation Day on Thursday April 25 we wanted to share the following important pieces of information with you.  

1. All grade 12s must complete their capstone presentation at their scheduled time.  Students were given their presentation time and location today in their homeroom blocks.  The overview of the day and a complete schedule will be posted on the school's website in the next few days.
2. The only mandatory components of the grade 12 Careers class are the completion of all 7 IPP tasks in MyBlueprint and the capstone presentation.  All other tasks, including classroom activities as outlined in MyBlueprint, are optional and intended to assist your child  in preparing for their capstone presentation.

Shape of the Day

Grade 9 and 10 - 8:10 - 11:00 am
9s and 10s will only be in attendance for the morning.  They will meet in the large gym to hear a guest speaker and participate in activities.  This will count toward their Character 10 and Career 9 marks.  They will be dismissed at 11:00 am for the day.
Grade 11 - By appointment only (will be observing grade 12 capstone presentations)  Click on the schedule below.
Grade 12 - By appointment only (will be presenting a capstone and getting final check for GT requirements).  Click on the schedule below.

If you have a question about your presentation time, please email Mrs Bell ( your name, grade and homeroom.