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News: Friday, March 16th, 2018

An Afternoon With The Former First Lady

On Thursday, February 15th, four lucky students, accompanied by a teacher, had the incredible opportunity to hear Michelle Obama speak in Vancouver at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre. All five were inspired and encouraged and incredibly thankful for the opportunity to attend. Recently they sat down with Superintendent Kevin Godden to share the highlights of their experience.  Grade 10 student, Ogechi Anumba, was inspired by Mrs. Obama’s humble beginnings. Despite not having money or highly educated parents, she worked hard to succeed.  

Carmen Bloch, a grade 12 student, noted that despite Obama’s crazy schedule she is committed first to her family and ensures that she schedules them in to her calendar before anything else. As a result, Carmen has begun to spend more time with her own five siblings. Grade 12 student JJ Lane was impressed with how humble Mrs. Obama is despite having accomplished so much. Hevin Almohhamad, a grade 11 student recalled that Mrs. Obama urged people to “Be educated, be engaged and to be the change.”  Even though Hevin is new to Canada and to Mouat, Mrs. Obama inspired her to be more involved at Mouat and she plans to join the Senior Leadership Program in her grade 12 year.

As a teacher and a mom, Mrs. Bowater was moved by Michelle Obama’s insistence that if we want to change the world, we need to focus on our families. Obama said that we begin to change the world when we raise young people who are kind, thoughtful and intelligent. All five attendees would like to thank the School District and the Vancouver Board of Trade for making the tickets available.