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News: Monday, April 1st, 2019

All-Athletes Forum Tuesday, April 9th!

The 2019 All-Athletes Forum will occur Tuesday, April 9th in the Theatre after school.  This year we are thrilled to welcome former CFL Player JR LaRose as a guest speaker.

JR LaRose is a 2011 Grey Cup champion. A proud member of One Arrow First Nation, he is an ambassador for Aboriginal peoples. He is an accomplished speaker speaking and facilitating over 400 presentations throughout Canada and the United States since 2008. A proud family man JR’s path to success has been a long and hard fought journey. Growing up in low incoming housing in Edmonton’s inner city didn’t exactly set JR up for success but it did give him the drive to succeed. JR grew up without a father. His father, of Nigerian heritage, was deported back to his native country before JR was born. JR never met his Dad.

This is the 6th All-Athletes Forum, an occasion to bring all of our student-athletes together, celebrate their decision to take part in school sports, and provide them a strong message.