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News: Monday, September 25th, 2017

Music Teacher Janet Wade Integral Part Of Commissioning Original Piece

For the past two years, Janet Wade, music teacher at WJ Mouat Secondary School, has been leading a group of teachers from Canada, the USA, and Abu Dhabi in commissioning three new Concert Band pieces from the renowned and celebrated composer, Jodie Blackshaw. The aim of the music was to find a way to respectfully incorporate First Nations themes into the Concert Band genre without trying to appropriate the sound of First Nations music. Working with Ms. Blackshaw, texts were discovered that either served as direct inspiration or that served as a springboard for the music.

Over the summer seven WJ Mouat students, Tia Mortimer, Josh Wakelin, Sean Levesque, Jared Beukers, Angeley Sharma, Michael Tang, and Elana Huget, went to UBC to participate in the UBC Summer Music Institute where the three pieces were edited, tested, and performed, conducted by Ms. Wade and Dr. Robert Taylor, at the UBC Chan Centre. The students who attended had the pleasure of meeting and working with Ms. Blackshaw during this time. It was an exciting and inspirational event for all involved.