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News: Monday, April 18th, 2022

News from the Nest - Apr. 18-22

Spotlight on Learning:  Applications of Electrochemistry

Students in Chemistry 12 just finished their unit on Electrochemistry.  The big idea of this unit is that oxidation and reduction reactions are complementary processes that involve the gain or loss of electrons.  Oxidation (loss of electrons) is not able to happen without reduction (gain of electrons).  To put it simply, you need something to lose electrons so another can gain.  With this big idea in mind, students were able to apply their learning to various applications:

Building and analyzing their own battery (Electrochemical Cells)

  • Using a battery to produce chemicals like gases and metals (Electrolytic Cells)
  • Gold Electroplating
  • Making a Breathalyzer
  • Determining the % concentration of commercial grade hydrogen peroxide by titration
  • Preventing Corrosion by Cathodic Protection

The students were able to make connections and see the practical applications of chemistry in their real life.

 Our Character Word of the Month is RESPONSIBILITY

Being responsible means that others can depend on you. You are willing to be accountable for your actions. When things go wrong, and you make a mistake, y u make amends instead of excused. When you are responsible, you keep your agreements. You give your best to any job. Responsibility is the ability to respond ably. It is a sign of growing up.

Congratulations!  You are practicing responsibility when you….

  • Take your agreements seriously
  • Respond ably by doing things to the bests of your ability
  • Are willing to do your part
  • Admit mistakes without excuses
  • Are willing to make amends
  • Give your best to whatever you do

April Literacy and Numeracy Schedule

Provincial graduation assessments will be held on April 25th – 29th.  The highest priority is our grade 12 students that need to complete these assessments by June to graduate.  Below is a schedule of assessments for April.  We will have all our grade 12 English courses write in addition to all of our grade 10 math classes.

In June we will have all our first and second semester English 10 classes write (first semester was missed in January due to the assessment session being cancelled).  I will send out a complete list of students next week.  See images bottom of the page. 

Expand Your World – Host an International Student

Are you a family that lives near a secondary school within a 3km walk? Would you like to experience the benefits that other families have enjoyed by being international student hosts? Contact us today!

An enriching and cultural experience for host families

  • Provide a teen a home away from home.
  • Make lifelong friendships.
  • Receive financial compensation.
  • Follow provincial Covid guidelines.

Contact our International Program Homestay Coordinator: rose.mann [at]  

Skills Canada – Video Production

On Wednesday, April 13,  Micah Toews and Caelan MacKenzie took part in the Provincial skills competition for Video Production.  

They had a 6 hour window to plan, shoot and edit a 60-90 second promo with the prompt: Vancouver is...

Take a look! 

PAC Information:

Staff Appreciation – Donations Needed!

PAC will be holding our final Staff Appreciation of the year on May 13th. We are looking for donations for the raffle table from our Mouat families. Things like chocolate (perhaps you get too much chocolate this Easter?!), wine, coffee, gift cards, workplace merch, etc. We have 120 staff and would love to have a great assortment of items for them! Please email wjmouatpac [at] by May 6th, if you have anything to donate and we will arrange pick-up of your item(s). 

April PAC Meeting:

This month PAC has invited special guest speaker Darlene MacDonald, District Principal of Indigenous Education, to present on the new First Peoples courses that are becoming part of our curriculum. All Mouat parents are invited Monday, April 25th at 7:00pm to our virtual PAC meeting – held on Zoom - check your email for the access information. 


May 16th will be the final PAC meeting of the year and our AGM where we will elect the executive board for the 2022-23 school year. Anyone who is interested in joining the board, please email PAC wjmouatpac [at] PAC will also be presenting our proposed updated Bylaws & Constitution at the AGM. A copy of the proposed Bylaws & Constitution will be made available for download and review on the PAC page of Mouat’s website at the beginning of May.  

Athletic Action – Girls Soccer

Congratulations to our Sr. Girls soccer team who clawed back from a 2-goal deficit to eventually tie a very good GW Graham team. Total team effort, but honourable mention to goal scorers Emma Olson and Ella Wilson. As it stands, the girls are currently ranked 3rd in the Eastern Fraser Valley.



  • Monday, April 18
    • No School
  • Tuesday, April 19
    • CDAB
    • Grade 12 Learning Surveys
  • Wednesday, April 20
    • BADC
    • Grade 12 Learning Surveys
    • 3.30 Girls Soccer vs Chilliwack
    • 4pm Sr. Boys Rugby vs GW Graham
  • Thursday, April 21
    • DCBA
  • Friday, April 15
    • BADC
    • Grade 12 Learning Surveys