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News: Friday, January 7th, 2022

News from the Nest - Jan.10-14

Spotlight on Learning: Science 9 Gravity Car Event!

Students designed, assembled, tested, modified and re-built vehicles that were propelled by the transformation of Gravitational Potential Energy into Kinetic Energy.  This was used as an analogy of how a Battery converts Chemical Potential Energy into Electrical Energy and subsequently converted into another useful form of energy. Through design, testing, and rebuilding students were able to gain a tangible understanding of electrical energy and how it is generated.  When finished students raced their cars and submitted a short paper answering the following 4 questions:

1. How can you increase the speed of your gravity car?
2. Why does the car slow down?
3. What is meant by the concept called "Conservation of Energy"..  AND how does it apply to this system of energy?
4. How can you keep your car moving after the weight has fallen its full distance?

The winning car (pictured below) was created by Emily Dombi in Mr. Newton’s Science 9 class. 

What to expect Next Week -  Masks, Updated Enhancement Measures and 2-wk Schedule:

With the full return to school next week, we wish to remind families of the importance of Daily Health checks with their children. We ask that families keep children at home with any signs of illness including sniffles. We also ask that families understand and have a plan for picking up children promptly if children become ill at school.

With the increased transmissibility of Omicron, proper mask wearing is an important layer of protection along with physical distancing and staying home when ill. Dr.Bonnie Henry has explained that the best mask is one that is worn properly and consistently, has three layers and fits well over the mouth and nose with no gaps. Please send your child to school with a well-fitted mask that covers the mouth and nose, and several back up masks in their backpack. Please help your child understand the importance of wearing their mask properly.

If you have requested a mask exemption for your child to the Provincial Face Covering Order, requiring all K-12 students to wear face coverings (masks) in schools and on buses, we kindly ask you to re-evaluate your decision. While we respect that you have requested a mask exemption, we humbly request that you consider the following alternatives:

  1. explore a different type of face covering
  2. examine options regarding limiting mask use to certain activities
  3. explore opportunities to reinforce and enhance other safety measures including physical distancing

Updated Enhancement Measures as of January 10, 2022

Ongoing Prevention Measures

  1.  Complete Daily Health Check
  2.  Stay home when sick.
  3.  Wash hands frequently.
  4.  All K-12 staff, students and visitors are required to wear non-medical masks in all indoor areas throughout our school
  5. Encourage vaccination.

Entrance and Exit

  1.  Students will enter to building via the exterior door closest to their classroom (e.g., if classroom 404 enter via the 400 exterior door, or if 132 enter via the Trethewey entrance)
  2.  Reminder, 200 wing enter via the 100s stairs.
  3.  Classes with multiple entrances will have designated door A as entry and door B as exit.
  4.  Students will exit the building at the end of day class via the nearest exterior door.
  5.  Staff will support by establishing expectations on the first day back, moving kids in the right direction in the hallways etc.
  6.  Exterior doors (except the front entrance) will be locked 15 minutes after the first bell.
  7.  Hand sanitizing stations have been placed at every entry and exit point.

Classroom Spaces

  •  Classrooms have been reconfigured to support face forward instruction (where possible).
  •  Some furniture and fixtures have been removed to maximize space.
  •  Teachers have updated expectations (classroom norms) to support the enhanced protocols.  For example, hand sanitizing upon entry, or wiping down shared equipment after use etc.

Gatherings & Events

  •  Assemblies will be held virtually. 
  •  Intramurals are halted due to lunch schedule for January.
  •  Capacity limits have been reduced to 50%.
  •  All meetings held virtually.
  •  All clubs are halted due to lunch schedule for January.
  •  No Visitors on campus unless pre-authorized. All visitors must complete the Daily Health Check at entrance.

Extracurricular Activities

  •  Sports tournaments are paused.
  •  No spectators at home league games.
  •  Only 2 teams playing in the gym at any time.
  •  Teams waiting to play are required to wait outside the school or in the Cafeteria (separate from the opposing team) until the gym and changerooms are completely empty.

Hallways Movement

  •  Student will travel on the RIGHT-hand side of hallways. 
  •  Directional arrows have been placed throughout the school.
  •  Students may be asked to travel outside of the building to avoid cross-traffic in hallways.  For example, exit out of the 100 wing and back in at the main entrance to avoid cross-traffic outside the Learning Commons.
  •  The 200 wing will have counter-clockwise directional movement only (travel on the right).
  •  Stairways are designed at Up OR Down.
  •  The 100 wing stairways are UP only.
  •  The 300/LSS wing stairway is DOWN only.
  •  Administration and staff will support students learning the new pattern of hallway movement maximize space and minimize crowding.


  •  Transition time between blocks has been extended to 8 minutes. 
  •  Contact during transitions will be minimized by changes in traffic flow patterns and gradual release of students.
  •  Teachers will slowly release their class as the transition bell when traffic is appropriate outside their classroom.
  •  Students will hold in their class at transition bells until dismissed by the teacher to maximize space and minimize crowding.


  •  The extended block at the beginning of the day will be moved to period 3/Lunch. 
  •  Each grade will be given a specific time during this extended block for lunch.
  •  Cafeteria will be open with reduced capacity (50%) seating. 
  •  Staff are not expected to supervise or keep their classroom open at lunch but they may choose to do at their own discretion.
  •  Please see schedule below.


  •  In the event of an outbreak, or functional closure (where we have significant student or staff absenteeism), the school and staff have developed Continuity of Learning Plans (CoL Plan)
  •  Teachers will discuss these plans with students on Monday (Jan. 10) and in the event of a closure students are to check their learn34 email for teacher expectations, review their Google Classroom/ Moodle/ Canvas learning system for instruction and direction and maintain the bell schedule for the day.  Be online or working on Block A material during block A time etc. 
  •  Should parents or students encounter any difficulties (need technology, resources, staff contact) please contact their VP for support.
  •  Ms. Bell (last names A-F), Mr. Gill (G-N) and Ms. Rajabally (O-Z).
  •  Staff emails can be found here:


See the Picture below for our revised bell schedule.


  • Monday, January 10
    • ABCD
    • Grad Photos
    • Gr 9 Boys BBall vs MEI
      • No Spectators
  • Tuesday, January 11
    • CDAB
    • Grad Photos
  • Wednesday, January 12
    • BADC
    • Grad Photos
    • Gr 9 Boys Bballl vs Hatzic
    • Jr. Girls Bball vs Abby Sr.
    • Jr. Boys Bball vs Abby Sr.
    • Sr. Boys Bball vs RE Mountain
      • No spectators for all games
  • Thursday, January 13
    • DCBA
    • Grad Photos
    • Sr. Girls Bball vs Mission
      • No Spectators
  • Friday, January 14
    • ABCD


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