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News: Friday, December 17th, 2021

News from the Nest - Jan.3-7

 Spotlight on Learning: The View from Room 315

Outside our door is a poster that communicates a key belief in room 315 - Diversity is our Strength. Every day in the ELL room we are reminded of the incredible diversity of life experiences that our students bring with them. Language is sometimes a minor consideration when we consider the needs of our students and the kinds of supports that are needed for them to be successful. Culture is certainly an important consideration, but it’s the incredible diversity of life experiences that we have noticed as a major factor in how our students fare in the classroom; how they learn, how they approach learning, and their educational goals (“Graduation, miss”). Our caseload includes children of temporary foreign workers, permanent residents, refugees, and international students. Our students come from wealth and poverty; some have gone from wealth to poverty as they had to leave everything behind in their move(s). They come from high-level education systems and private schools, minimally funded public schools, and limited and interrupted education. In this room we can hear their unique stories, and our compassion grows along with our commitment to expand our understanding of equitable practices - and for this we are so grateful. [A group of people sitting around a table Description automatically generated] [A group of people posing with a snowman Description automatically generated with medium confidence]

Meet Our Newest ELL Hawks

Mark was born and raised in Cairo, Egypt. Because of war, his mother left South Sudan to “find a safe life for her children.” Mark attended St. Andrew’s school at Stars Refugee Services, where instruction was provided in both Arabic and English. His favorite activity is football (soccer), and he plans to join the Mouat soccer team next year. He moved here with his mother, brother, and cousin. They moved for a “better education and a safe life with no racism.” He explained that “they [some Egyptians] were beating us [Sudanese] and insulting us for no reason”, and that the law was not protecting them. He is enjoying life in Canada and has already met many friends. The only bad thing about life in Canada - “Expensive!”

 Harinder is a grade 9 student who joined Mouat 3 weeks ago. She moved from the Punjab state in India where she attended a private school. She received instruction in Punjabi, Hindi, and English. Her father came to Canada two years ago on a work permit. Covid prevented her and mother from coming at that time. Covid also prevented Harinder from attending grade 8, but she feels ready to meet the challenge of going from grade 7 to grade 9. If a positive attitude can do it, then she’s right! Her father wanted to come to Canada for new opportunities. She says the biggest difference between school in India and Canada is, “In India, there are no phones, we wear uniforms, there are 8 subjects at one time. We have only books and notebooks; no computers - and there is more discipline in India!”

Chatter High Contest

ChatterHigh, Let’s Talk Science and Skills Canada are thrilled to congratulate WJ Mouat Secondary on being crowned Canada's Most Informed School on the AAAA leaderboard for Let’s Talk Careers: Canada’s Most Informed School Competition. 

During this online competition, students, parents, and teachers from WJ Mouat Secondary explored an incredible 59,566 post-secondary and career web pages. Notably, your students will have gained invaluable knowledge around STEM and trade occupations from Let’s Talk Science and Skills Canada.

Thank you to our lead teacher Paul Gill and supporting teachers Mark Thiessen, Trish Roberts, Sebastian Gibson, and Carissa Monds. A virtual celebration will occur in January 2022 where we will receive the division Championship banner. Say tuned….

Simultaneously, Canada’s Most Informed Student leaderboard was running where students had the potential to earn bursaries ranging from $10-$200 for achieving correct answers. Due to the phenomenal exploration of students from coast to coast the $20,000 prize pot was depleted two days before the competition end date. We are excited to share that an astounding 66 students from Mouat have earned a bursary.

Sustainability of Fashion in Textiles 11/12 and Specialized Science 12

Students have been exploring the Sustainability of Fashion in the Textiles 11/12 and Specialized Science 12 classes.  On Thursday and Friday, Mrs. Nera, and Mrs. LeClerc combined classes into two different groups to do two activities.   Half of the Spec Sci 12 students will do a repurposing activity with Mrs. LeClerc with half her class in Room 158.  The remaining students will do a Fabric Lab with Mrs. Nera in the Learning Commons. 

Abbotsford Police City Tournament - Congrats Sr. Boys Basketball

Congratulations to our Senior Boys Basketball team who took on the “New Kids on the Block” Robert Bateman Secondary in the finals of the Abbotsford Police City Tournament on Saturday night at 8pm.  Down at the end of the first quarter, the boys rebounded and drove hard to recapture the lead at half time and never looked back!  MVP shout out to Armaan Sandhu # 9.


  • All Week:
    • Grad Photos Jan. 4-8 (one person at a time, no visitors, friends or groups, follow the protocols at main door)
  • Monday, January 3
    • No School
  • Tuesday, January 4
    • No School 
    • Dry Grad Meeting Virtually
    • Sr. Girls Basketball @ RE Mountain 
    • Sr. Boys Basketball vs Abby Sr. 
      • No Spectators at all games
  • Wednesday, January 5
    • School for those who RSVPed
    • Gr. 9 BBall @ Hansen
    • Jr. Girl BBall vs Bateman
    • Sr. Girls Bball vs Walnut Grove
    • Jr. Boys Bball @ Bateman 
      • No Spectators
  • Thursday, January 6
    • School for those who RSVPed
    • Sr. Boys Bball @ Walnut Grove
      • No Spectators
  • Friday, January 7
    • School for those who RSVPed


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