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News: Sunday, June 5th, 2022

News from the Nest - June6-10

Spotlight on Learning:  Geography and Mapping Mini-Inquiry

As part of Mr. Porth’s  Socials 9 class’s unit on mapping and geography, we began our mini-inquiry unit by asking, what good is a map?  

As we explored the importance and benefits of maps in general, we also asked some related questions about what kinds of maps there are, and discussed some related skills associated with mapping such as understanding how latitude and longitude work and how we can take the kinds of measurements that could be used to create a topographic map.  

We turned first to topographic maps and, specifically, how we could  measure height.  Though a little skeptical at first, through some practice, trial, and error, students realized that, even without any specific trigonometry calculations (better left for math teachers to cover!), using only a simple right-triangle and a metre stick, they could get a basically accurate measurement of how high an object is simply by measuring their distance away from the object.  

Later, Mr. Porth revealed to the class the exact latitude and longitude coordinates where I had dug out a Cretaceous era ammonite fossil from a rocky roadside cliff along the logging road that cuts along the mountainous western shores of Harrison Lake.  Students were certainly motivated to learn more about latitude and longitude knowing that I had given them the location of buried treasure!  

Students practiced their new understanding by measuring the height of various objects around our portable and then walking around the perimeter of the school to further understand how the various numbers of latitude and longitude changed (or didn’t) as they moved around campus.  

Incorporating some practical, hands-on skills into a mini-inquiry unit helped to ensure maximum student engagement.  We finished off our work by revisiting our learning targets and reflecting on what they had learned about what maps are good for.  Judging by their written responses: pretty good, after all!

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Celebrating Pride Month

Students in Ms. Traber’s Compass program took to the whiteboards to start our Celebration of Pride month.  The eight students worked together to fill the space with a celebration of what makes each of us unique and special. The room was alive with positive energy, joyfulness, and inclusion. 😊. Really a special moment.

3rd @ Provincials

Congrats to the Girls Rugby Team on their 3rd place finished at this weekends Provincials.  It was a well earned Bronze medal with a dominating last game – keeping the opponents off the score board.


  • Monday, June 6
    • ABCD
  • Tuesday, June 7
    • CDAB
  • Wednesday, June 8
    • BADC
    • Retirement Dinner for Ms. Watts
  • Thursday, June 9
    • DCBA
    • International Farewell Lunch Sm. Gym
  • Friday, June 10
    • CDAB
    • R. Silver House Pole Carving Display and Work in Progress
  • Saturday, June 11
    • Track and Field Provincials

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