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News: Sunday, May 22nd, 2022

News from the New - May 24-

Spotlight on Learning:  Physics 12 Bridge Building Competition 

Physics 12 students, aka the engineers of tomorrow, were tasked to build the strongest bridge possible with popsicle sticks and glue. The bridge was required to span a length of at least 52 cm (about 1.71 ft). The support system was to be built with a maximum of 100 popsicle sticks and glue provided by the teacher. A design was submitted before students were given the green light and the materials to build the bridges. All construction had to be done at school, in class. Students had the choice on whether they wanted to put weights on top of their bridges or put weights in a basket that would be suspended underneath their bridges. The top 3 teams are below, as well all who all made bridges that held over 50 kilograms (over 100 pounds)! Way to go aspiring Edisons, Teslas, Wrights, Bells, et al! 

  • First place: Luke and Caden 
  • Second place: Chamss and Jioncey 
  • Third place: Taya and Adam 


A select group of Mouat Indigenous students enjoyed working with and learning from horses in April.  Each participated in learning activities based on relationship, communication, trust, teamwork and horsemanship. In addition, the Thrive program was supporting our Grade 8’s Mouat Hawk cousins who joined the big canoe field trip on Tuesday. Mouat Hawks celebrating the transition into Grade 9!

Jazz Cafe

Cafe Jazz was a huge success on Thursday evening. Tremendous musical talent combined with a chill dessert and coffee/tea jazz vibe lead to dazzled audience members enjoying a sensational performance by jazz band students. Well done Ms. Wade and students.

Our Hawk Golfers Chased the Rain Away

Our Golf Club took to action on Wednesday and chased away the sun to play a solid round!

Girls Rugby off to Provincials

The Girls team lost o tough battle to Yale Secondary on Wednesday and finished second in Eastern Valley Championships.  They have qualified for provincials being held at Exhibition Park on June 1-4.  We hope the girls take the next two weeks to heal up ahead of the competition  - We are proud of you Hawks!’

Future Hawks

On Wednesday we welcome the news Hawks into the Nest with our Grade 8 Tours and Carnival.  After touring the building, asking questions of their grade 12 student leadership guides and getting lost more than a few times, our newest members of the crew got to play a few games in the gym and get to know students from either Chief Dan George or Howe Middle.  Huge shout out to Mrs. Bowater, Mr. McCall, our Student Leadership and PE Leadership crew and to Mrs. Rajabally for the organizing of moving 360 kids! 


  • Monday, May 23
    • No School
  • Tuesday, May 24
    • CDAB
  • Wednesday, May 25
    • BADC
    • French Immersion Capstone Presentations
  • Thursday, May 26
    • DCBA
    • French Immersion Capstone Presentations
    • Mouat Tough Mudder (pm)
  • Friday, May 27
    • CDAB

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