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News: Sunday, November 14th, 2021

News from the Nest - Nov. 15-19

Spotlight on Learning:  Robotics 10- Syringe Robot Arm Challenge – Tee it Up!

During Robotics class students are introduced to fluid power (hydraulics and pneumatics), articulated robot arms (torque motion) and end effectors while developing their design and manufacturing skills and balancing demanding teamwork and cooperation skills to accomplish the completed task. Students worked in teams to design and construct an arm that would allow them to move a golf ball from golf tee to golf tee.  Lesson outcomes included:

• Describe the operation of a fluid power system, including:

– How pressure and piston area affect force

– The relationship between piston area, stroke length and force

– Why pistons are good at pushing but poor at pulling

• Use the tools and equipment provided to create a hydraulic robot arm

• Use the robot arm they create to accomplish a predefined task

Character Word of the Month:  Teamwork

Our Character Word of the Month is TEAMWORK

Q:  Six Characteristics of Thriving Teams are

  • Focus on and understand the vision
  • Listen and learn together
  • Value and trust authenticity
  • Happy to challenge and disagree
  • Embrace learning and change
  • Celebrate and share success

Congrats Sam!

A huge congratulations goes out to Sam May who placed 15th out of over 250 runners at the BC Cross Country Provincials. He had a great season and made his coaches and school proud. WAY TO GO SAM! 

UBC Art and Music Collaboration

Ms. White and WJM Extended Day Art students are collaborating with Robert Taylor, Director of Bands at UBC Music. So far, they have met Dr. Robert Taylor and two master’s students via virtual meet where they talked about their plan and what excites them most about this collaboration. Students read descriptions of the meaning and story behind each piece of music, chose the one they connected with, and began creating artwork based on each piece. This is a continuation of our music response art making that students have practiced in class previously.

The UBC Symphonic Wind Ensemble concert will perform Garden of Dreams next Friday Nov. 19th (in person and virtually) and the artwork created by W.J. Mouat students will be displayed at timed intervals within the show.  Additionally, their artwork will be featured in the advertisements, the program and as part of the pre-show display.

Here is a link for tickets:

Poinsettia Fundraiser

Mouat's O2 Program is running a Poinsettia Fundraiser to raise money for its programming needs. 

Poinsettias are available in various sizes and colours and can be ordered through school cash online until Nov 19th and will be delivered to the school Dec. 13th. 

The O2 program is WJ Mouat’s Mental Health and Behaviour Intervention Program that supports and aids Mouat students to meet their social and emotional needs.  The funds raised will go directly to the students helping to supply activities, events, food security, and clothing.  We thank you for your support in helping to build a healthy mind, and sense of self in our Mouat students.  (See attachment for complete details

Welcome to Mouat

We are pleased to add to our WJ Mouat staff with the introduction and welcome to:

  • Karamjit Mann our new Cafeteria Concession Worker.  We are slowing gearing the kitchen into full production.
  • Helene Novak is joining our EA team and will be working to support the LSS program in various classrooms.
  • Rajwinder Kaur will be completing her EA practicum under the direction of Mrs. Clever and with support from the entire EA team.

Reporting Student Absences Online

The Abbotsford School District utilizes an automated student attendance management system called SafeArrival, offered through SchoolMessenger®, the company that hosts our parent notification system.   With SafeArrival, you can report your child’s absence in advance using any of these 3 convenient methods:

·SchoolMessenger App

Using your mobile device, download and install the SchoolMessenger app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.
The first time you use the app, select Sign Up to create your account.
Select Attendance then Report an Absence.

·SafeArrival Website

Using the SafeArrival website, go to:
The first time you use the website, select Sign Up to create your account.
Select Attendance then Report an Absence. 

·Toll-Free Number

Call 1-844-487-3701 to report an absence using the automated phone system.

These options are available 24 hours/day, 7 days a week. Future absences can be reported at any time.

Please do NOT call the school to report an absence, please use one of the three NEW methods above.

Calendar This Week: 

  • All Week:
    • Key Club:  Krispy Kreme Fundraiser (available SchoolCashOnline)
    • Basketball Intramurals
    • UFV Student Teachers in the building
    • PAC Meridian Gift Card Fundraiser (available on SchoolCashOnline
  • Monday, Nov. 15
    • ABCD
    • Joint Partners Meeting
  • Tuesday, Nov. 16
    • CDAB
  • Wednesday, Nov. 17
    • BADC
  • Thursday, Nov. 18
    • DCBA
    • Rock Your Mocs Day
  • Friday, Nov. 19
    • SLO Friday @ 9:30 ABCD
    • Miracle Minute

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