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News: Friday, November 5th, 2021

News from the Nest - Nov. 8-12

Spotlight on Learning:  Letters Home WW1

In Social Studies 10 this semester, students made the First World War, 1914-18, come alive through a dedicated mix of primary source research and historical perspective taking as we questioned how Canadian soldiers experienced the war.  Students spent days studying Canada's experience of the war and then combed through a massive Canadian online database of actual soldiers' letters that were sent during the war.  The Canadian Letters and Images Project holds an amazing collection of primary source evidence and led students on a journey of historical discovery as they incorporated evidence of what they had researched into a new, unique letter, creatively written but grounded in historical fact, from the perspective of a Canadian soldier writing home to loved ones from the front lines in France.  Students wrote moving, historically accurate accounts of the often-numbing brutality but also mundane banality of the war.  They wrote in a way that conveyed a sincere empathy to the experiences of veterans and the sacrifices they made for Canada.  This Remembrance Day, these students will have a brand new, deep, and deeply historical, understanding of the unique, often harrowing challenges that our soldiers faced as they fought for Canada in one of the most brutal wars in human history.  

Our Character Word of the Month is TEAMWORK

Q:  The Key to Teamwork is . . ..

Working productively with others, as being part of a team or group, will allow me to accomplish more than I could alone.
work effectively and respectfully with diverse teams.
exercise flexibility and willingness to be helpful in making necessary compromises to accomplish a common goal.
assume shared responsibility for collaborative work and value the individual contributions made by each team member.

Anonymous Art Show

Abbotsford Arts Council’s annual fundraiser called the Anonymous Art show is opening this Saturday.  Paintings are $100 and on a 12x12 inch canvas. The artist is not revealed until their painting is purchased. Half of the proceeds of each artwork goes to the Abbotsford Arts Council and half to the artist.

Our own Ms. White has submitted a piece and grade 12 Mouat student Morgan Peters also submitted their work.

Here is a link for the Virtual Anonymous Art Show, the Kariton Art Gallery is also open for these works to be seen in person this Saturday.

SR. Girls Basketball Walk n’ Knock

 The Senior Girls’ basketball team spent the afternoon of Halloween giving back to their community. The team helped the UFV women’s basketball team with their annual walk-n-knock, where they collect donations for the Abbotsford Food Bank. It was a very successful day collecting almost 300$ in cash donations and many non-perishables.

Jr. Police Academy Applications

JPA 2022 application forms are available from the career counsellor/ center The turnaround time (due December 10, 2021) is tight, so interested students should complete the form ASAP.

PAC MAN Appearance

PAC MAN made an appearance at Mouat on October 29, 2021, as we went “old school” and introduced our game to the young ones.  In ELL room was full at lunch as Mrs. Brown set up the console and had students playing the game. 


  • Monday, Nov. 8
    • ABCD
    • Indigenous Veterans Day
  • Tuesday, Nov. 9
    • CDAB
  • Wednesday, Nov. 10
    • BADC
    • Remembrance Day Assembly
  • Thursday, Nov. 11
    • No School
    • Remembrance Day
  • Friday, Nov. 12
    • ABCD
    • Miracle Minute

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