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News: Sunday, September 11th, 2022

News From the Nest - Sept 12-16

Spotlight on Learning:  Welcome to the 2022-23 school year!

It was very exciting to have each and every one of our students back in the building this year and even better to have a regular school start-up without the top priority of ensuring masks were on, hands were sanitized, and cohorts were maintained.

New this year, was our morning with our grade 9 class.  Our hope was that coming together without the worry of 1000 other students would alleviate some of the stress our new Hawks experience on their first day of high school. 

Our grade 9s gathered in their homerooms to start the day and then we brought the entire grade down to the gym for an informative, welcome to Mouat Secondary assembly.  This was a first for us, and we kind of LOVED it.  Not only was it a great opportunity for students to reconnect, but it also provided staff and students to connect over a longer period of time, in what we hoped was a meaningful way.  We talked about what success is, how to be successful at Mouat, different rules, and expectations, and all the different teams and clubs for students to watch, join and participate in. 

It was a very proud moment for staff to see the unity within the grade 9 cohort as a whole.  Your kids, our students, were engaged, friendly, polite, and by the time the assembly ended, seemingly ready to meet their four teachers for this semester.

Our feedback from staff that day and the following day was positive and when the bell rang on Wednesday there were many more confident, school-ready grade 9s than we had ever seen.

We are keen to hear your feedback as parents and students.  Please take a moment to complete this short survey to help us improve and grow.

Mouat Artist Leaves Their Print on the World

This summer Kaia Bath, 2022 Mouat graduate, was selected to join a team of artists lead by well-known print maker and muralist Kari Kristensen. The Reach Gallery organized the mural project as a mentorship program. Together this team painted the most recent mural in downtown Abbotsford. In Kaia’s words “So endlessly happy about this opportunity! I had the absolute best time and am so happy with the mural, can’t wait for you to see it!”

You may also have seen the mural Kaia completed this past school year right outside of the ELL room.

Please make sure to check them both out. The most recent mural is in the alley beside Yes Chef!

Side note: She’s the fourth Art student from Mouat to be on an Abbotsford mural painting team! It’s such a cool opportunity. Also, Kari Kristensen is working on a massive mural right now on Burrard and 4th in Vancouver.


Did you know that water is essential to maintain a normal body temperature, to cushion your joints and to help remove waste and other toxins from the body? Additionally, dehydration stresses the body and can increase feelings of depression and anxiety. SO, DRINK YOUR WATER TO FEEL BETTER BOTH MENTALLY AND PHYSCALLY.  It is recommended that we drink at least half our body weight in pounds in ounces of water each day.

Thank you to Ripples for donating 2 water dispensers and 10 water jugs for us for the month of September.  


 Let’s take this week to display kindness to others.  Here are a few ways to show kindness every day:

  • Focus on others. Kindness puts others at the center. ...
  • Offer a helping hand. ...
  • Be there to listen. ...
  • Send care packages—no matter how small. ...
  • Stay connected. ...
  • Expect good things to happen and be a positive light. ...
  • Smile at others. ...
  • Compliment others.

Lockers, Lockers, Lockers

If you would like a locker, you can sign up for one as of 4pm Monday.  If you have already selected one, your selection will be wiped out and reset with correct combo information.  Set your alarms – first in first selected.   More information is available at:


  • Monday, September 12
    • ABCD
    • Self-Care Moment
    • Grade 12 Assembly
    • Locker Selection Opens 4pm
  • Tuesday, September 13
    • CDBA
    • Self-Care Moment
    • Grade 11 Assembly
  • Wednesday, September 14
    • BADC
    • Self-Care Moment
    • Grade 10 Assembly
    • Photo Day
    • Grad Parent Meeting 6:30pm
  • Thursday, September 15
    • DCAB
    • Self-Care Moment
    • Jr. Football @ Sullivan Heights
  • Friday, September 16
    • Tutorial Time 8-9:30
    • 9:30- CDBA
    • Self-Care Moment
    • Sr. Varsity Football @ North Delta