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SMS Messaging

Students Can Receive Timely Info Reminders

Students, you can receive a SMS or email about school info (Ex. School Closings, early dismissal, extracurricular activity Sign-ups, weekly reminders, etc.) directly from school administration via a one-way text messaging and email system. We will never see your phone number.

TEXT your Grad Year (see below)  to the phone number "(250)999-0408"
Gr 12 = “@wjm18”; Gr 11 = “@wjm 19”’ Gr 10 = “@wjm20” Gr 9 = “@wjm21

You can opt-out of text messages at any time by replying unsubscribe with your grad year as in the example ‘unsubscribe @wjm18'.

To receive messages via email, send an email with your grad year to Leave the subject line blank. To unsubscribe, reply with 'unsubscribe' in the subject line.