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Business & Information Technology

In the Business and Information Technology Studies Department, you can develop marketable career skills in areas including keyboarding, accounting, economics, marketing, entrepreneurship, as well as MS Word and MS Excel. If you are interested in a career in business or Information Technology, these courses will provide you with a solid foundation of skills and allow you to explore and discover industry-standard software and procedures. These skills are put into practice by creating school based businesses, designing live websites, designing new worlds in Minecraft, creating 2D and 3-D animation games, playing the stock market, and writing code in Java and JavaScript. See below for more detailed course listings.

App Development & Robotics 9

Lego Mindstorms – imagine building and bringing your own Lego robot to life while learning to code at the same time!  Write mobile apps and games to install & use on your own phone.  Explore and build worlds with Minecraft.  Code your own website. Develop your understanding of personal and social communication through Internet and Social Media projects.

Note:  This course satisfies the grade 9 Applied Design Skills and Technology course requirement.

Entrepreneurship & Marketing 10

Are you interested in business? Do you want to run your own business one day? If your answer is yes, this is the course for you! We learn about entrepreneurs, who they are, how they get started and how they market their ideas to you and me! Various projects are used to reinforce learning - including creating a marketing campaign with commercials, online ads & a company website! This course is essential for any student wanting to increase their knowledge of the business world!

NOTE: Grade 9s may take this course.

Coding & Media Design 10

Create 2D video animations with Flash CC.  Develop your multimedia skills using several applications, as well as online apps. Develop mods and worlds in Minecraft. Edit your digital photos with Photoshop CC; design video games with GameMaker RPG-type game design; and edit sound with MIDI and Wav programs. Learn to program with Scratch and take a computer apart and put it together again! In Coding & Media Design 10, students develop capabilities in learning new software interfaces that will stay with them long after the technology changes. 

NOTE: Grade 9s may take this course

3D Animation & Digital Video 11

Do you love 3D movies? Provide motion to characters and objects you learn to make in Blender 2.5, the industry-standard open source 3D Model and Animation software. Learn the planning, principles, and fundamentals of animation. Create game ready animation, using advanced tools such as lighting, rendering and editing. Show your movies on the class YouTube channel!

Note: Grade 10s may take this course

Accounting 11

Accounting 11 will introduce you to the basic fundamentals of a double entry accounting system which is an essential skill in the business world! Accounting is a job skill; therefore, there will be considerable emphasis on performing to standards acceptable in the workplace. The program Simply Accounting, the Titan Business Simulation and the Monopoly board game will be used to reinforce the accounting concepts taught.

NOTE: Grade 10s may take this course.

Computer Programming 11

Programming is a fundamental skill in this digital age! If you are a cellphone, YouTube, Netflix, Facebook user, learn to understand the logic behind them. This is an exciting, growing, challenging field that has impact in most aspects of everyday life. Develop problem solving skills and analytical abilities while learning how to: write in binary; code in Java and JavaScript; and develop 2D games and simple algorithms.

Note: Grade 10s may take this course.

3D Animation & Digital Video 12

This course is strongly recommended for students intrigued by a potential career in the rapidly-growing Vancouver gaming industry. Blender is used in advanced animation and game design. Create visual special effects in Photoshop CS6 to add to your scenes in Blender. 3D movie studios increasingly rely on these techniques. Follow your dreams!

Business Technology 12

Learn professional software required in the business world.  Gain proven technical skills employers look for in today’s innovation economy. Become current with the IT industry in learning key business software applications, and gain real-world experience in office procedures. Learn to accurately format a research paper with table of contents, page numbering, and references.  Enhance your learning with the Corporation Inc. office simulation game!

Computer Programming 12 - ICTP 12

Deepen your understanding of code and learn Python and C++ as well as Java and JavaScript. Java is emphasized as most post-secondary introductory level programming courses include Java.  Advanced topics are covered, such as: Methods, Inheritance, Arrays, Recursion, GUIs. Create and post your own online calculator on a live website! There is no prerequisite for this course.

Economics 12

**Your final grade from Economics 12 will apply towards your university entrance average **

What is money? What is pricing? Learn how economics affects your daily life and the global community. Discover why some countries are rich and others are poor and who makes those decisions. Topics will include: Government policies, Price controls, Supply and Demand, Poverty, Taxation, the Canadian and Global economy, and current business news and trends.

Entrepreneurship 12

Learn how to run your own business! In Entrepreneurship 12 you will have the opportunity to create a business venture and the opportunity to carry out that venture! Topics in the course include the skills necessary to become an entrepreneur, how to acquire those skills and how to implement them in a business situation. You will
also learn how to manage a stock portfolio and run an online version.

Financial Accounting 12

A minimum of C+ in PREC11 or FOM11 is recommended.

This course is designed as an introduction to financial accounting concepts for those planning to pursue post-secondary studies in accounting, finance, business management or commerce. It covers basic accounting concepts for both financial and managerial accounting and will give you a good head start on accounting courses at the college or university level.

Marketing 12

Why did you buy that Lulu Lemon or Nike jacket? Take an inside look at how advertisers create ad campaigns to target you! Discover how Google AdWords works. Starbucks' Global Marketing success, and controversy around The GAP's Product Red and other current topics. Discover secrets of marketing research the public doesn't know, and learn how marketing is the force that combines all aspects of business strategy. In Marketing 12, you will develop marketing strategies and skills to present a product, a service, and an idea in the business environment of your choice.