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Students taking Drama will learn and develop skills and confidence needed in effective communication on the stage.

Starting in Drama 9 with a focus on collaboration, imagination, spontaneity and improvisation through to more advanced skill and techniques in character development, script analysis and performance in the upper level Acting Courses.

Drama 9 (DR9)
A developmental drama program. We don't just DO plays. Major areas of development include movement, mime, speech, role-play and improvisation. In class emphasis will be placed on teamwork and concentration. The overall goal of the program is to give the student self-confidence to make presentations in class and to transfer this to onstage and stage experiences. Marks are awarded on the basis of performance andparticipation in class. Attendance is crucial, make-ups are impossible.

Drama 10 (DRG10) Fine Arts
A transitional course. Improvisation and creative drama still play an important part of the course. There are three units of study; the Stage, Radio and Video. Students will learn the basics of each and will create group projects in each discipline. The ability to work effectively and cooperatively in a group is a must. Effort is more important than talent. Attendance is crucial as make ups are impossible.

Theatre Performance: Acting 11 (TPA11) Fine Arts
Improvisation in a much more detailed way is examined. Character building, voice work, and script analysis are a major focus. Some written assignments are required. The final project is a professionally written scene in front of an audience. Be prepared to work hard, be reliable and take risks.

Theatre Performance: Acting 12 (TPA 12) Fine Arts
Prerequisite: Permission of instructor and TPA11 (C+ min.)
Only those students who have shown a keen interest in the subject will be accepted. Performance in front of an audience is part of course.
Getting deeper into risk taking and trusting your instincts is what is needed to succeed in Acting 12. Challenging scene work and improvisations in the beginning will be followed by the audition process and monologues. Script analysis and performance is a focus throughout.  Good attendance is integral to success.

Drama: Film & TV 11 (DFT 11) Fine Arts
Priority will be given to students that are currently in Grade 10 and going into Grade 11. Having Drama 10 is recommended but not required.
An introduction to the video camera and video production. Students will learn the basics of camera operation as well as simple editing techniques. There will be a variety of projects to complete in a group format. The importance of preproduction and planning will be stressed. Must have the ability to work effectively in a team.

Drama: Film & TV 12 (DFT12) Fine Arts
Prerequisites: C+ min. in DFT11 and permission of instructor.
The skills learned in DFT11 will be built upon to create more advanced and complex videos. Film history and theory are a major component of this course. There will be research and written assignments. Students will be expected to put in time beyond scheduled class time.