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Modern Languages

The Modern Languages Department includes language training in both French and German and is fortunate to have dedicated teachers with an overall combined experience of over 100 years in second language teaching.

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French 9 (FR9)
Prerequisite: FR 8
This is a continuation of the communications-based Program: Communiquête used in French 8. Students will revisit grammar concepts seen and practiced in French 8. As a performance-based course, oral participation and speaking French within the classroom are expected. Oral participation is key to the successful completion of this program.

French 10 (FR10)
Prerequisite: FR 9 (C+ recommended)
Program: Communiquête. A continuation of the communication-based program used in French 9. Grammar concepts of the whole-language approach will be re-visited. Use of French is required and expected on a daily basis. As a performance-based course, students will be required to demonstrate their learning during class time.  Students should strive to interact orally, as compared to simply listening, in preparation for FSL 11 and 12. Oral participation is key to the successful completion of this program.

French 11 (FR 11)   
Prerequisite: FR 10 with C+
Text: En Direct 1 A challenging course, especially for those students who do not have a solid grasp of the material studied in previous years. Oral participation skills, as well as a grasp of grammar concepts covered to date, are essential. As the focus in grade 11 and 12 will be mastering the grammar concepts, proficiency in spoken French is essential. 

French 12 (FR 12)
Prerequisite: FR 11 with B
Texts: "En Direct 2", plus other supplementary reading texts (such as Rencontres and Découvertes). An elective course culminating in an optional provincial exam. An oral component to the Provincial exam is in development where students would conceivably be required to sustain a discussion on a random topic for 10 minutes. Proficiency in communicating the oral message will be assessed. The course has an equal weight given to the spoken communication and the written form. Facility with the grammar component is essential, as it is reflected in the spoken message and in the written message. Students need to have an open and receptive attitude to speaking in French.

German 9 (GE9)
Introductory course open to Grade 9 students with the emphasis placed on oral skills and vocabulary development. Reading and writing will be taught in conjunction with each unit. The course gives the student a good foundation in basic German vocabulary and oral skills. Students with a prior knowledge of German may be moved into German10 at the discretion of the teacher.

German 10 (GE10)
Prerequisite: GE9
A second year course in German. Students should have German 9 as a prerequisite or prior knowledge in German. Students may be moved into German 11 at the discretion of the teacher.

Introductory German 11 (BGE11)
Prerequisite: None (Grade 10 students may take this course.)
Introductory course in written and spoken German for students who have not studied the language at the Junior Secondary level. The basics of German 9 and 10 will be covered and students will be able to register for German 11 following this course. One year of study beyond BGE11 is required to meet the language study requirement at most B.C. universities.

German 11 (GE 11)
Prerequisite: GE 10 or BGE 11
Continues the study of oral and written German. Students will develop language and comprehension skills through the study of grammar, short reading selections and participation in dialogues and skits.

German 12 (GE 12)
Prerequisite: GE 11
Provides an opportunity for the student to learn about German literature in the form of short stories and poetry. Grammar is studied, but reading comprehension of modern works and reading is included.