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TV & Film

Students acquire the skills needed to produce quality videos, including proper camera operation and framing techniques and non-linear video editing.

Top of the line hardware and industry level editing software is used at the senior level to enhance the professional look of video productions.

Students also develop the collaborative and teamwork skills that the film industry absolutely demands.

Drama: Film & TV 11 (DFT 11) Fine Arts
Priority will be given to students that are currently in Grade 10 and going into Grade 11. Having Drama 10 is recommended but not required. An introduction to the video camera and video production. Students will learn the basics of camera operation as well as simple editing techniques. There will be a variety of projects to complete in a group format. The importance of preproduction and planning will be stressed. Must have the ability to work effectively in a team.

Drama: Film & TV 12 (DFT12) Fine Arts
Prerequisites: C+ min. in DFT11 and permission of instructor.
The skills learned in DFT11 will be built upon to create more advanced and complex videos. Film history and theory are a major component of this course. There will be research and written assignments. Students will be expected to put in time beyond scheduled class time.