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Abbotsford Community Foundation

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The Abbotsford Community

What is our purpose?

The Abbotsford Community Foundation exists to enable people to make a meaningful difference in our community, now and into the future.

How we do it:

Inspire philanthropy
Engage local leadership
Foster community connections
Grant for lasting impact

What we do: 

Promote the value of philanthropy
Annually distribute scholarships and bursaries to graduating Abbotsford high school students
Impactful granting to qualified local charities
Encourage donors to invest in their community by establishing  endowment funds
Promote planned giving to financial advisors
Encourage local agencies to establish endowment funds as a source of annual revenue for their operations.
Provide research on local issues through our Vital Signs Report
Work with community partners on addressing key issues in our community


Abbotsford Community Foundation is a community stakeholder in Character Abbotsford and as such we practice and promote the following values: Respect, Empathy, Responsibility, Courage, Integrity, Service



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