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Character Initiative

WJ Mouat Secondary School has been formally developing a School of Character initiative since June of 2010. Following a Think Tank on June 3, 2010, a Character Committee was established which began meeting monthly, conducting research across North America, and developing a strategic plan to increase the intentionality of the character development of our students.

On June 30, 2011, a charter document was signed by staff and students indicating Mouat's commitment to practice and promote the following character values in our school community: Respect | Responsibility | Integrity | Caring | Awareness | Teamwork

A Character Council was founded and met for the first time on November 30, 2011 with the inclusion of a variety of members from the Mouat student population. This council began meeting monthly in January, 2012.

In November of 2012, WJ Mouat Secondary was awarded the Promising Practices Award by Character Education Partnership for the Mouat Minute concept and their work with character education.

Co-chairs of the Staff Committee

Brian Billo (Email)

  • We are Hawks Week
  • French Camp
  • Mouat Minutes
  • Staff Liaison

Karen Bowater (Email)

  • School Opening Week
  • Girls' Transitionsl (Gr.8)
  • Grad Council
  • Character Course

Mark Thiessen (Email)

  • Family of Schools Event
  • Men of Excellence
  • Boys' Transitions (Gr.8)
  • Focus Team
  • Community Correspondence

Historical Timeline

June 2010
Mouat staff engage in a Think Tank on character. This leads to the formation of a staff committee which worked together to conduct research, bring in speakers, visit conferences and communities, and eventually establishing our own 'School of Character' values through student and staff forums.

September 2010
A Staff Character Committee is formed and begins meeting monthly. The primary objective is to conduct research including attending conferences and visiting 'character schools'.

April 2011
Staff pro-d with Michelle Borba. After her presentation "Cruelty to Compassion"

April 2011
Staff Forum held to identify the 'Common Language' of character at WJ Mouat from an adult perspective

May 2011
Student Forum held to identify the 'common language' of character at WJ Mouat from a student perspective

May 2011
Staff and students review character language from previous sessions and decide on 6 character values: Respect, Responsibility, Integrity, Caring, Awareness, Teamwork

June 2011
Student & staff committee works on defining the values and outlining applications. A charter document was created by a Mouat student, signed by all staff and framed & hung in the Mouat halls.

June - September 2011
The school begins to weave character concepts into our traditional events and practices including the Grade 8 Transitions Days, September Grade Meetings & Code of Conduct published in the student agenda.

December 2011
Mouat's student Character Council meets for the first time with 30 interested students. This group would grow to the now, 75 students, who work together to practice and intentionally promote good character in our school community.

January 2012
Admin team begin discussing the possibility of a character course for all of our grade 9 students

-->A strong desire to have teachers create the curriculum and base it on our identified values of respect, responsibility, integrity, caring, awareness, teamwork

February 2012
VPs begin paperwork and general framework for the BAA course which is approved by the Abbotsford Board of Education and then the BC Ministry of Education

April 2012
Mouat's Student Character Council officially launches the initiative with #wearehawks week. Watch Video

May 2012
Teachers take the BAA course and begin creating lesson plans. Discussions on how the course would fit into the school's semester system

June 2012
Lessons are completed and ready for input into the Moodle, online, software.

August 2012
Lessons are all uploaded to moodle with Mouat Minute clips, etc.

September 2012
Course is piloted with 13 teachers in block B classes. Students are taught character lessons every other week and the staff meet periodically to debrief, evaluate and make improvements.

November 2012
WJ Mouat Secondary is awarded the Promising Practices Award by Character Education Partnership in Washington, DC for their work with character education

February 2013
WJ Mouat's Character Council hosts grade 4 & 7 students from the Mouat feeder schools for the 'Family of Schools Character Day'. Following a Character Rally featuring Ryan Walter, Abbotsford Character Council member and President of the Abbotsford Heat, grade 7 students attended student-led workshops on Mouat's core values. WATCH VIDEO