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Character Course

Living and Learning With Character 10

WJ Mouat has developed a course for all students which begins at the end of grade 8 and concludes at the beginning of grade 10. Students are given an opportunity to learn about the school's Character Values (Respect, Responsibility, Integrity, Caring, Awareness, Teamwork) and then to create action plans around each one. The primary learning tool is the award-winning 'Mouat Minute' video concept.

Mouat Minute Videos

If you would like to learn more this course, the School of Character initiative, or book a tour please contact us: EMAIL / 604-853-7191



Course hours include the following:

Grade 8
•Transition Days at Mouat

Grade 9
•Bi-weekly in-class lessons taught in Block B classes
•Reflections written and uploaded to Moodle site
•Grade & other assemblies

Grade 10
•Portfolio presentations to community leaders