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Indigenous Success and Support

THRIVE - Mouat Indigenous Success and Support 2019-2020

Definition of thrive:

1:   to grow vigorously: FLOURISH
2: to gain in wealth or possessions or knowledge: PROSPER
3: to progress toward or realize a goal in spite of circumstances

It is our intention to support Indigenous students as they ...

1. Gain knowledge & Understanding of Indigenous Culture through Participation
2. Learn, Study and Work on their school-work assignments
3. Develop & Move towards their Future Education or Career Goals
4. Interact with the School & Community as an Indigenous person

To ensure that we support them we will …

1. Arrange Culturally significant events and learning opportunities
2. Provide academic support to students and supporting teachers as they embed Indigenous knowledge and ways of learning in their classrooms.
3. Encourage and direct students to Scholarly & Career planning activities including the special support from district personnel.
4. Enable students to act as Indigenous Advocates within the school and beyond through Leadership, Acknowledgement of the land and Artistic presentations.

Indigenous Success Educators: Janelle Dick, Tyrone Thomas & Angela Booy