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Course Planning Information 2020/2021

Course Planning is happening earlier this year starting the second week of February.  Counsellors will be calling down students by grade to meet in the theater to review the process, things to considerations for course planning, requirements for grad and the online course selection process.  We encourage parents and students to sit down together to review the course selection guide as their are new course options available and to ensure you have accurately selected the courses you need and wish to take.

Like last year, students will be entering their course selections online in the MyEd system.  New this year, students MUST use login into their MyEd accounts is using their learn34 login name.  All other login in names and email addresses will not save your course selections.  We will not be making changes to personal email addresses as they do not fully function with the MyEd system.  

MyEd Login Instructions For Selecting Courses

  - Google myed login
  -  Login ID-- use your pupil number (the number you use to log in to any school computer)
  -  Password:  if this is your first time going in this year, use Hawks34$.  You'll be prompted to create a new password (put this in your phone for future reference).
      If you already created a new password when you checked your semester 2 timetable or your semester one report card, use this same password.
  -  Go to MyInfo (top left), then Requests
  - Choose your 8 min. courses (or more if you choose extended day)
  -  Post-- click on Post to save.

Important Links:

My Ed Login and Password Reset Instructions: MyEd Log On Instructions.pdf

Updated Course Selection Guides:   Course Selection Guide 2020-2021.pdf

Programs:  Career Programs Information.pdf
Graduation Requirements
Trades and Career Program Information Guide Abby Schools Career Website 

Course Planning Sheets:

Gr 12 Course Planning Sheet 2020 2021.pdf and Grade 12 final presentation.pdf

Gr 11 Course Planning Sheet 2020 2021.pdf and Grade 11 final presentation.pdf

Gr 10 Course Planning Sheet 2020 2021.pdf

Gr 9 Course Planning Sheet 2020 2021.pdf

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