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Peer Tutoring

Peer Tutoring is a great opportunity for students to help others and to develop and enhance their own communications skills.

Peer Tutoring 11 (YIPS11B) and Peer Tutoring 12 (YIPS12B)
Prerequisite: Gr. 11/12 students with an 80% average in previous school year.
Must be academically strong to tutor in subjects such as English, Math, Social Studies, Science, French, French Immersion, or German. Regular attendance, integrity, and respect for program expectations are requirements for peer tutors. Students will learn about individual academic, social, and cultural differences.
Students will study a variety of approaches and skills to assist their tutees’ learning. Students will practice self assessment and reflection. Students will develop communication, interpersonal relationship, leadership, and conflict management skills.  Activities include creating lesson plans, teaching lessons, and analyzing learning styles. Peer tutors are expected to be cooperative, enthusiastic, and hardworking. Peer tutors must follow instructions, show initiative, and be willing to learn course content they do not know. Students interested in Peer Tutoring must submit an application form which they may obtain from their counsellors, or download the “Peer Tutoring Application Form”. Peer Tutoring 12 complements Peer Tutoring 11.