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Blog: Tuesday, October 26th, 2021

Spotlight on Learning

Have you ever wondered what happens in the thousands of classrooms each day across the district or province? If you have children, you know that the answer to “What did you do at school” is often answered with “nothing!” This year, we are shining the spotlight on what learning looks like at Mouat with a weekly news article called “Spotlight on Learning.” Each team has been tasked with taking a picture or pictures of what learning looks like in their classroom and providing a teacher and student response. Our initiative is to have parents and the greater community see what and how learning transpires while showcasing the talented teaching at Mouat and the learning that shapes our daily ebb and flow at school.

Our collective inquiry is “How can we support our Mouat community to understand and appreciate what learning and teaching look like in the 21st century classroom?” Thus far, we have looked at parameters and constraints in art based on students’ curiosities, how to reduce stress and anxiety in PE while promoting strategies for health and well-being, differentiation in French Immersion with the use of technology, use of native (original home language) in drama class while focusing on dramatic expression, and the scaffolding of academic language in math using foldables to help students understand complex problems like polynomials (see pictures below). As we dive into refining our teaching practices and pedagogies with inquiry-based learning, or assess students based on skill acquisition (competency-based learning) or set the tone with social-emotional soft starts, learning today looks and feels a little different that when we (parents) last attended high school. It is our pleasure to showcase the art and science of teaching and learning


Principal, WJ Mouat Secondary