Athletic Wall of Fame

Name Grad Year Accomplishments
Cory Kwak 1988

SFU Wrestling

1993 Gold - Commonwealth Games 

1990 Bronze - Pan Am Games

Kelly Lochbaum 1991

University of Northern Arizona

CFL Football Professional 

Andrea Moody 1996

1996 - Olympian Swimming

Canadian Swimming Freestyle Relay Team

1995 - Pan Am Games

Courtney Inman 1998

2x BCSS 800m Champion

2X Silver - Canadian Jr. Nationals

Pan Am and Jr. Worlds Championships

Bronze - IAAF World Cross Country Team 

Steve Goosen 2004

Brown University Football & UBC

2002 Varsity BC High School Provincial Champion

WJM TD and Passing Yards All Time Leader

BC All Provincial Team

Sophie Schmidt 2006

2012 - Gold Olympic Medalist

2008 - Bronze Olympic Medalist

Canadian National Team

Vancouver White Caps Woman's Team

University of Portland

Boseko Lokombo 2009

University of Oregan

CFL Football Professional 

NFL Player

Nikki Brar 2010

2010 - BCSSWA Wrestling Champion

2010 MVP Wrestler

SFU Wrestling Team (2020-2015)

WCL National Medalist (Silver and Bronze)

WCWA Two Time All American


Kayli Sartori 2011

BC High School Provincial Champion


European Professional Basketball 

Sunny Dhinsa 2011

3X BCSSWA Wrestling Champion

9x WCL Champion

2013 - Bronze Jr. World Championships

2011  - Silver Pan Am Games

WWE Professional Wrestler

Jake Heathcote 2012

BC All Province Football

McMaster University USport Champion

Second Team All Canadian

Jacobe Firlotte 2014

Queens University Football

CFL Professional

Calum Pilgrim 2015

Team Canada Softball/ Lindsay Wilson College

4x First Team All Conference Player

3x Mid South Champion

2x All American 

Coach Lindsay Wilson College - Women's Softball

Shawn Randhawa 2015

SFU Wrestler - 2015-2022

3x BCSSWA Wrestling Champion

12x WCL Champion

3x Pan Am Jr. Champion

2013 - MVP Wrestler

2017 - Bronze - UWW World Jr. 

2022 - Commonwealth Games Champion




Builder Hall of Fame 


Name Association Accomplishments
John Smith WJM Staff

WJM Teache/ Coach 1973-2016

313 Championship Teams:  BC/FV/UFV/Districts

Founder WJM Swim Team

Founder WJM Track and Field Team

Denis Kelly WJM Staff

WJM Teacher/ Coach 1987-2013

Founder WJM Football

SFU Offensive Coordinator

Team BC Provincial Coach

Jim Mitchell WJM Staff

WJM Teacher/ Coach 1988-2019

WJM Football Coach 1988-2022

WJM Wrestling Coach 1988-2022

2008 -Beijing Olympics Wrestling Official