W. J. Mouat has some of the most cutting-edge technology courses and opportunities for students in Canada!

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3-D Drafting & Design

Design your own cars, jets, houses or jewelry, with the latest 3D modeling software. Take your models home after printing them in the 3D Printer. Use the latest current industry standard 3D modeling software used by engineers, architects and designers. Learn drafting skills and be a part of one of the most advanced design and modeling programs in the province. The focus of this course is creative problem solving and personal design.  Visit Ms. Beck's Website


Learn what it takes to service and repair cars, find trustworthy specialty shops and more. You will learn the basics in car maintenance including oil changes, tune-ups, brakes, tires, exhaust and computer diagnostic testing. Yes you need to get a little dirty at times, but that’s part of the process. Students are encouraged to work on their own or parent’s vehicles when possible.~ We start with the basics in shop safety and tools and move up from there, so if you know absolutely nothing then you’re at the right place.

The skills and knowledge acquired in this course will be useful to future courses as well as everyday situations. You might even choose to become an Automotive Technician like many previous Mouat students, but at the least you will know the inside workings of your car and become your car’s best friend.


The main objective of this course is to expose students to the many different areas in the Woodworking Industry. This course will balance hands-on practical work with the necessary accompanying theory. Students of all abilities are encouraged to apply their enthusiasm and creativity to create projects unique to them.

In the Woodworking program at Mouat students are able to use the latest CNC (Computer Numeric Control) routers and CNC laser engravers. With these machines students are taught to design parts of their projects on a computer using Cad software and have the computer controlled machines cut these parts out for them.

Metal Work

This course involves general metalworking and the study of various branches of the metal working industry.  The course includes theoretical and practical studies in the following areas: design, bench work, shop sketching, oxy-acetylene, mig welding and machine operations.  In addition, the course will include the use of computerized cutting with the Plasma Cam and advanced fabrication project work.

After completing the basic requirements of the course, students may study or complete projects in any area of metalwork under the guidance of the teacher.  Basic supplies are provided, however the student should expect to pay for project materials.

Textiles, Home Economics, & Family Studies

Design your own clothes using digital pattern making programs, sew leather, canvas and denim, or make an heirloom quilt for your family. Textiles classes offer an opportunity to explore and learn skills in your area of interest.

The Foods program at W.J. Mouat begins by focusing on foundational cooking skills and then focuses on a variety of topics including international cuisine, basic nutritional meals, holiday cooking, and much more.  These classes will help you build practical skills to use throughout your lives.

Vinyl Graphics

The Vinyl Graphics / Sign-Design Program is unique to W.J. Mouat. They are multiple level programs designed to provide students with a broad range of computer CNC design, sign-making, manufacturing & processing skills.

The course is focused on several pieces of state-of-the-art technology: Vinyl Cutters, Roland SolJet Pro II EX, Mutoh ValueJet, AXYZ Millenium Router, and the Universal Laser Engraving System.

Students are taught how to use the software to design their projects, and process them using the appropriate and available technology. Student projects are based on real-life problem solving and professional experiences. By the end of the course student will be involved in projects ranging from t-shirt design to vehicle wraps.