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News: Friday, April 22nd, 2022

News from the Nest - Apr.25-29

 Spotlight on Learning:  Science Fair Silver Medal

Caio de Figueiroa competed in the Fraser Valley Regional Science Fair and won a silver medal, the Langley Environmental Partners Society Award, and a UFV Entrance Scholarship worth $4000. Caio’s investigation, “To pee or not to pee”, examined whether human urine could be used as an effective and viable fertilizer to grow radishes.  He undertook this project because his interests lie in the development of a greener, more sustainable world future. Congratulations, Caio!

We R Hawks Week

April 25-29 is our  We Are Hawks week where we celebrate everything that it means to be a Hawk.

  • Monday - Celebration of Arts: Improv show in the theatre at lunch. Art show begins in the library lab. Teachers can sign their classes up to visit.
  • Tuesday - Celebration of Mouat Sport. Wear your jerseys. Athletes forum after school.
  • Wednesday - School wide BBQ. Come grab a hotdog at the front of the school, while they last. 
  • Thursday - Celebration of Academics. Wear your Mouat merchandise. Grade 12 scholarship winner recognition. 
  • Friday - Celebration of French Immersion program. Come to the cafeteria at lunch for a Carnival. 

Ecology Web of Life

Mr. Pryma's Block B students were in the LLC on Wednesday to learn about "Indigenous Perspectives and Interconnectedness in an Ecosystem." Students watched a couple of short videos to review Science 9 Ecology vocabulary and concepts they had been introduced to in class. They answered questions about biotic/abiotic organisms and the impact of the environment on an ecosystem. To reinforce their understanding through kinesthetic learning and to incorporate First People's Science Principles, students split into two groups and participated in the "Web of Life" activity. Thank you to Mrs. Dyck and Sameera for facilitating. The students enjoyed the experience.

April Literacy and Numeracy Schedule

Provincial graduation assessments will be held on April 25th – 29th.  The highest priority is our grade 12 students that need to complete these assessments by June to graduate.  Below is a schedule of assessments for April.  We will have all our grade 12 English courses write in addition to all our grade 10 math classes.

In June we will have all our first and second semester English 10 classes write (first semester was missed in January due to the assessment session being cancelled).  I will send out a complete list of students next week.

Expand Your World – Host an International Student

Are you a family that lives near a secondary school within a 3km walk? Would you like to experience the benefits that other families have enjoyed by being international student hosts? Contact us today!

  • An enriching and cultural experience for host families
  • Provide a teen a home away from home.
  • Make lifelong friendships.
  • Receive financial compensation.
  • Follow provincial Covid guidelines.

Contact our International Program Homestay Coordinator: rose.mann [at]  

Girls Rugby Action

The girls team dominated their Mission counterparts on Wednesday but showed their real toughness as a team when injuries impacted the squad and they rallied to show true Hawk spirit.  Well, done team!  Photos provided by Coach Radons taken at the Timberwolves game. We look forward to your next match.

From Mouat PAC:

Seeking Raffle Donations for Staff Appreciation: 

*UPDATE* So far we have only had one family donate! On May 13th PAC will be holding our final Staff Appreciation and are looking for donations for the raffle table. For example items like chocolate, wine, coffee, gift cards, workplace merch, etc. We have 120 staff and would love to have a great assortment of items for them to win! Please email wjmouatpac [at] by May 6th, if you have anything to donate and we will arrange pick-up of your item(s). 

April PAC Meeting - Guest Speaker:

This Monday, PAC has special guest speaker Darlene MacDonald, District Principal of Indigenous Education, presenting on the new First Peoples courses that are becoming part of our curriculum. All Mouat parents are invited Monday, April 25th at 7:00pm to our virtual PAC meeting – held on Zoom:

Meeting ID: 827 8244 1312   |   Passcode: 786831


May 16th will be the final PAC meeting of the year and our AGM where we will elect the executive board for the 2022-23 school year. We are looking for someone to fill the Secretary position. Anyone who is interested in joining the board, please email PAC @ wjmouatpac [at] PAC will also be presenting a proposed updated Bylaws & Constitution at the AGM. A copy of the proposed Bylaws & Constitution will be made available for download and review on the PAC page of Mouat’s website at the beginning of May.


  • Monday, April 25
    • ABCD
    • Literacy and Numeracy Exams
    • We R Hawks Week – Celebration of the Arts
    • 3:30 Sr Girls Soccer vs Brookswood
    • 7pm PAC Meeting
  • Tuesday, April 26
    • CDAB
    • Literacy and Numeracy Exams
    • We R Hawks Week – Celebration of the Athletics
    • Boys Rugby vs Hansen
  • Wednesday, April 27
    • BADC
    • Literacy and Numeracy Exams
    • We R Hawks Week – Celebration of the Mouat Spirit – BBQ lunch
    • 3.30 Girls Soccer vs  GW Graham
    • Grade 8’s Parent Information Night
  • Thursday, April 28
    • DCBA
    • Literacy and Numeracy Exams
    • We R Hawks Week – Celebration of the Academics
  • Friday, April 29
    • DCBA
    • Literacy and Numeracy Exams
    • We R Hawks Week – Celebration of the French Immersion with Carnival