PE Final Reflection PE Final Reflection

NFTN: Final Reflection Nov. 10

November 14, 2023

Spotlight on Learning:  PHE Final Reflections

Submitted by:  G. Vanderheide

Teacher Description:

Students were given some guiding questions to reflect on their growth each unit throughout the course (like a journal) and at the end of the semester they created a "Reflection Poster" to highlight their keys areas of growth.  They could choose from 20-30 questions to use as a prompt to reflect on the big ideas/curricular competencies. Students were also given the freedom and encouragement to create their own questions or highlight an area of growth and personal development outside of these major buckets if they wanted to.  A safe space was then created where students put up their posters and did a gallery walk to read each other's celebrations.  Students then high fived 3 students in the class a "positively" affirmed their growth" in a classroom share.  Students were also asked to put anything they didn't want to share on the back of their poster. 

Student Reflection:

This project showed me some of the ways I've grown that I didn't realize through the course.  I was nervous to share my thoughts but then I was excited to see everyone's thoughts.  It made me feel good about myself and proud of the other girls in my class. 


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