NFTN-Youth Philanthropy Initiative, October 20th, 2023

October 20, 2023

Spotlight on Learning: Youth Philanthropy Initiative

Presented by Teagan Gibson



Through this structured inquiry project, students have the opportunity to explore various social issues and their impact on our local community. They then work in groups to choose a local charity, contact the charity, and if they receive a response, visit the charity and interview an employee. The final presentation in front of the class demonstrates their learning around the social issue, the charity, and its impact on people living locally.

I encourage students to add creative elements to their presentation. This year I had students include Kahoots to engage their classmates, show videos and photos from their charity visits, and even had one group create a rap music video about their chosen social issue. I love watching students use practical skills (research, writing professional 

emails, contacting charities via phone, group collaboration, etc.) as they dig into issues that matter to them. One group of students even told me that they plan to volunteer at their chosen charity! Students really enjoy engaging in work that is focused on real life and that can apply to their everyday experience.


 In our careers 10 class, we participated in the YPI project. In this project, we had the opportunity to research different social injustices, and make contact with non-profit organisations to learn how we can better the community. This was a very rewarding project that allowed us to go outside of our comfort zones in order to talk with representatives of different organizations. Overall, it was a very fun project, where we were able to work together in a group to analyze different ways we can enrich our community.

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