Spotlight on Learning: How can I design/reflect on the life I wish?

May 12, 2024

Presented by:  Ms. Rachel Coen

Course: Career Life Connections 12

DESCRIPTION: Students were asked to create their own vision board. The vision board was to reflect what they hope and wish their future to look like. They weren’t given exact ages to create their boards for (i.e. create a vision board of what you want your life to look like by 40) because we told students that age is just a number, and you are not expected to have everything figured out by a certain age or time. Students used magazines, newspapers, and their own artistic ability to create vision boards on poster paper. 

TEACHER REFLECTION: It was really neat to see students flip through magazines and newspapers and use their clippings to piece together a visual representation of their future. It also allowed us to get a better glimpse into the aspirations of our students! Many of them have some amazing goals to reach. Next year I am going to create one for myself as a sample for students, and to also highlight that vision boards can be made by people of all ages, and you can always alter and add to your goals.

STUDENT REFLECTION: “I enjoyed the vision board assignment because it allowed me to be creative and share with others the dreams I have for my future. It also made me realize I want to accomplish many things in the years to come and I am excited. I liked looking at my peers vision boards also because it showed me that some of us have lots in common and some of us have very different visions for our futures.”

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