Spotlight on Learning: Tea with a Twist

February 9, 2024

Spotlight on Learning:     



Presented by:  Adrienne Leclerc and Ranbir Mangat

Course:  Food Studies 12 and  Learning Commons



The goal of this project was to research the way traditional foods are used and consumed in a modern society and why those traditional foods are still meaningful to people today. Students collaboratively chose to narrow the focus of their project to tea consumption from different cultures. They researched how tea is prepared and consumed in these cultures and respectfully represented the experiences of people in whose cultures these tea traditions arose. The project connects to curricular competencies and content learning standards for Food Studies 12. 


All cultures have distinct cuisines that set them apart from the rest, yet tea manages to become a connecting point. Everyone has their own unique ways of enjoying tea and that’s what makes us so different, yet similar. This project helped us to determine in just how many ways tea is consumed all over the world. It was a fun experience researching and putting together all the information. Also, it was nice to see that many cultures still give importance to utilizing old methods of cooking and making their tea. Moreover, all this prior research made organizing the tea party even more engaging and fun.

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