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Please call 604 853 7191.

Cost $7.50 each (we accept cash, cheque, debit or credit card)
Please allow up to 1 week

Please give the following details:

  1. Year of graduation
  2. Date of birth
  3. Contact phone #
  4. Contact email
  5. If transcript is to be mailed to University or picked up from WJ Mouat office


If paying online, please follow instructions below:
Go to - select Get Started Today

SCREEN 1 - enter first and last name;
SCREEN 2 - enter address and email;
SCREEN 3 - enter password, security question.
Confirmation email:  Select link in email to sign in to School Cash Online.
Sign in to School Cash Online using email/username and password.  
Select school – WJ Mouat.  
DO NOT enter student information instead select “I don’t want to add student”. 
Select WJ Mouat Transcript – Add to Cart to pay.


Any registration difficulties result from OUT OF DATE BROWSERS (ie: Internet Explorer)