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January 2020 Assessment Schedule

 As a school and district we are committed to providing time and space for students to demonstrate their learning in a variety of ways as well as additional time to complete assignments and previous assessments with the support and guidance of their teachers.  As you look at the schedule below, please note the change in bell times during the double block days and remember that all students are required to be at school for the morning sessions and/or as required by their teachers for presentations, exit interviews, oral examinations, project completion, lab assignments and credit recovery.  District transportation services will be running at the regularly scheduled times on their regularly scheduled routes. Study spaces will be provided to students who rely on district transportation to and from school, as buses will run on the same schedule as always. On Monday January 20 to Wednesday January 22 will be full regular day of classes with a regular bell schedule.  From Thursday January 23 to Thursday January 30, we will be follow the bell schedule below.